I have an APQS Millennium with the latest options and the computerized Quilt Path with over 5000 additional digital patterns. If you are looking for a longarm quilting machine, the APQS is the best choice, and I have been buying them since 2009, when I started Feathers & Loops quilting business. I am happy to show you my Millennium with Quilt Path and give you a chance to purchase either a new one or used. If you purchase an APQS machine from me, I will provide you with a free beginners class.  Here's a link to APQS .
I longarm quilt for clients and have really enjoyed doing that for nearly a decade.  Most of my clients have been from northern California, since I lived there 25 years, but for the last four years, I have lived here in the Seattle/Tacoma area and been quilting.  My business has a full line of battings that I sell by the linear yard, and Superior Threads on cones of King Tut, So Fine! Rainbows, Twist, Magnifico, Omni-V and Silk.   
  1. Beautiful quilting and nice patterns
    Beautiful quilting and nice patterns
    I use this wonderful quilting machine to either free-motion or use the Quilt Path, computerized quilting, to quilt your tops to make soft warm quilts to cherish for generations.
I am available to quilt your quilts and consult about the patterns, threads and batting for your quilt.  Let me schedule your quilt and help you finish it.  I have many clients that are very happy with my quilting and I work on them quickly.  I have a decade of experience in longarming and understand the importance of your projects as I am also a quilter, appliquer, and paper piecer.  Thank you for considering me to be your longarm quilter.  

Call or email me for appointment to drop off your quilt to be finished, as I do them with care and try to turn them around in days, rather than weeks or months. Edge to Edge or Allover patterns are the least expensive, and there are semi-custom and custom option also.

Karen Wheeler  510-386-4156 cell (call or text), [email protected]